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Ivan Tasks

Current Work

Week 3

Character Analysis -click image to enlarge

Design Thinking for Summaries, Character (domain), Character Lives (Stella, Ruby)

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Global Read Aloud Project 2012

CCSS Reading Rubric

Fourth Week
Monday: Student-Parent-Teacher Conferences
Design Thinking: Wordles for Ivan Poem; Choice of Questions

Dot Day Award -- Use Google Presentation

Third Week (p. 118-206)

Mon,Tues 10/15/12: Character Analysis

Design Thinking for Summaries, Character (domain), Character Lives (Stella, Ruby)


When and why does Ivan’s feelings about “domains” change?

Why is this important to the story?

Wed Thurs

10a Discuss the importance of memory in this story. 

10b How does Ivan’s perception change when he begins to remember more of his own history?

10c What are his most vivid memories?

10d What was Ivan’s name in the forest?

10e Why is it important for him to remember his name and his life as a baby gorilla?

11a What is the turning point in the story?

11b When does Ivan start to believe that he will be able to help Ruby, and perhaps himself as well?

11c What events come together to change Ivan’s acceptance of the situation and to help him grow into his own strength and wisdom?

11d How do you know he is changing?

Thurs:  Letter Format

Write a letter to Mack... from Ivan.  

  • Think about what Ivan might try to communicate to Mack. 
  • Think about how he feels about how Mack has treated him over the years. 
  • Think about the promise he made Stella.

What would Ivan write to Mack?

Second Week (p.79-117)

Introductions Through ______

Questions 7 8 9
7)  Discuss Ruby’s story about the humans who rescued her in the jungle (pp. 101-104). What does this story tell us about some humans?

8) What is Ivan’s initial reaction to the arrival of Ruby? Compare Ruby’s arrival with that of a new baby in a human household.  How does her arrival affect all the other animals at the mall? When and why do Ivan’s feelings about Ruby change?

9) Why does Ivan promise Stella that he will take care of Ruby when he knows how hard it will be to keep that promise? How does Ivan know that Stella is gone before anyone else does?

Questions 5-8

Catch Up -- Comment

Mr Ross's Questions

Use your sticky notes to write
poem for Ivan
Create and explain a wordle

Wordle Design Thinking

Evidence: It's Elementary

  • Make a prediction about what will happen in the story. 
  • Research five interesting facts about gorillas and post them in a blog.

First week (Pg. 1-78)




What do you know?

The Trailer

The Mountain Gorilla

Touched by a Mountain Gorilla

Further Research

Gorilla Research Center

The Encounter BackStory

The Gorilla Family