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Read 8: 2.2.3 Setting/ Characters / Plot RHB  Setting 353-359; Character 340,341; 342,342; Plot 369-370

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3 Tuck Everlasting: Questions 0-4


 For 6, 7, and 8:








Character (RWT)






Character Analysis


Character Notes



Character Interactive


Reading Projects


Story Listen: Visualize; Setting; Character


Briefly describe the Fosters’ house and yard. How do they reflect the Fosters’ p e r so n a l i t y?


What thoughts does Winnie express to the toad? How does she feel about her life? How does the weather reflect her feelings?


What does Mr. Tuck dream? What does the dream suggest about Mr. Tuck’s attitude toward his life?


What draws Winnie to the woods? What is Jesse Tuck doing when Winnie first sees him? What does she think of Jesse?


Who overhears the Tucks’ secret? How do the actions of this character create suspense, or tension, in the plot?


Why do the Tucks kidnap Winnie?

Why does Winnie feel reassured when she hears the music box?

Why do you think the man in the yellow suit is following Winnie and the Tucks?

Will Winnie ever go home?

If you owned the woods, would you take advantage of the water?

If you were to drink the water, which of these would you choose?

Do you think that Winnie will drink the water?  Please reply to the poll question if you'd like to give a reason for your answer.

What character in Tuck Everlasting would you like to be?

If you were to drink the water, which of these would you choose?

Listen Chapters 7-13

Become Character (next week)